Persons with pre-senile dementia have a walk with llamas

The Rickenbacher Hof, an institution for people with pre-senile dementia, wanted to try something new: it wanted to offer a walk with llamas to its patients who were able to walk on their own.

In May 2022, the aof supported this project and made this encounter possible by bringing Beni, the llama owner, and the institution together.

Beni’s llamas are trained to go on walks with adults and with children.

One afternoon Beni arrived at the Rickenbacher Hof with three llamas. Six patients and four carers were waiting and looking forward to the experience.

Each llama was led in turn by a patient. After some initial shyness, the six participants became more and more open. They looked at the animals, smiled and even petted the llamas.

At the end of the hike, everyone returned to the Rickenbacher Hof happy and beaming. Participants and llamas went into the garden, where more residents of the institution joined them. Eventually almost all patients with dementia wanted to hold the llamas by the reins, pet them or be photographed with the animals.

The llama afternoon was a great success and the dominant topic of the next days.

The residents were still talking about it two months later.

We will be very happy to organize another walk with llamas.

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